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Of all the ones I've said "one of the best" about this may truly be "one of the best" of those.

I'm happy you posted because you keep the bar set high for the rest of us amateurs and hobbyists.

Feels like a little bit of a cheat because I have seen the out-of-focus technique used and always been curious about it. Its me trying someone elses idea at a moment when it seemed right, rather than it coming to me reflexively. It feels like an exercise. But in that, it feels sort of fun.

Im going to post a second to show another angle on the exercise. Because this is not all there was.

whatever it is, i spell it amazing. wow. thank you for sharing.

Something about the lighting and the composition called out to you to soften the focus and that's following your own instincts. That's not cheating, that's learning from people before you and making it your own.

Hey, can I print the first one? I want to frame it and put it on my kitchen wall. I love the orange and green.

Wow, sure, of course. Ill email you the highest-res version if you like! Glad you like it!

this is not a sophisticated comment.

eggs or peaches?


Ah. We were all wondering at work too. Apricots.

Thanks for the hi-res version.

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